High sensitivity and stability of solar module EL detector

- Feb 28, 2019-

The solar module EL detector has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast detection speed and intuitive image, and is a key equipment for improving the quality of photovoltaic modules. Infrared detection can fully grasp the internal problems of solar cells, provide a basis for improving the production process, and improve product quality. Rework the problem components in time to minimize losses.
The imported programmable power supply of the solar module EL detector will work from 100VAC to 240VAC in a wide range of working input voltages to ensure the stability of the working state; its output voltage, current and other functions can be switched and adjusted. Manual and control software interface control, output accuracy to thousands of points; its load output power can be up to 760 watts, and comes with overload protection, to avoid damage to the battery by misoperation.

Solar module EL detector fully enclosed optical system and constant temperature cooling system can keep the test environment in the darkroom and constant temperature environment, which can ensure the stability of the whole system operation, effectively avoiding
The test imaging noise is caused by external stray light and temperature unevenness, which ensures the intuitiveness and accuracy of the test.