How can solar PV module automation equipment ensure high efficiency and long life of components?

- Jul 04, 2019-

Packaging is a key step in the production of solar cells for solar PV module automation equipment. Without good packaging technology, good batteries can not produce good component boards. The battery package not only ensures the battery life, but also enhances the battery's impact strength. The high quality and longevity of the product is the key to winning customer satisfaction, so the package quality of the component board is very important.


In order to ensure the high efficiency and long life of the components produced by the solar photovoltaic module automation equipment, firstly, high conversion efficiency, high quality battery sheets; and high quality raw materials such as high cross-linking EVA and high bond strength Encapsulant (neutral silicone resin), high transmittance, high strength tempered glass, etc.


In addition, there must be a reasonable packaging process; the rigorous work style of employees is also very important. Of course, the stability of the solar PV module automation equipment is also closely related to the production quality of the components. Since solar cells are high-tech products, some details must be paid attention to during the production process. Therefore, in addition to formulating reasonable production processes, the seriousness and rigor of employees are very important.