Innovation requirements and main functions of automatic PV panel production line

- Dec 17, 2018-

When the automatic PV panel production line is in operation, its single solar cell cannot be directly used as a power source. As a power source, several single cells must be connected in series, in parallel, and tightly sealed into components. Photovoltaic modules (also called solar panels) are a core part of solar power systems and the most important part of solar power systems.

The main function of the automatic PV panel production line is to convert solar energy into electrical energy, send it to the storage battery, or push the load to work. With the use of micro-inverters, the current source of the photovoltaic module can be directly converted into a voltage source of about 40V, which can drive the application of electrical appliances in our lives.

The automatic PV panel production line will continue to innovate with its PV modules. Since PV modules are called China-made in the industry, there should be China's creation, and then upgraded and innovative products of PV modules, such as photovoltaic ceramic tiles, photovoltaic color steel tiles, Such products can directly replace traditional building materials and tiles, as well as the functions of photovoltaic modules. Once they enter the general market, they will have certain impact on photovoltaic modules and traditional building materials.