Installation instructions and high efficiency of solar panel curing line

- Mar 04, 2019-

The installation instructions and functions of the solar panel curing line are to convert the solar light energy into electrical energy, and the output direct current is stored in the storage battery during use, and the solar panel is one of the most important components in the solar power generation system when operating. Its conversion rate and service life are important factors in determining whether solar cells are useful.
The solar panel curing line is packaged in a highly efficient polycrystalline silicon solar cell to ensure sufficient power generation of the solar panel. Glass: Low-iron tempered suede glass, also known as white glass, has a thickness of 3.2 nm and a transmittance of 320-1100 m in the wavelength range of the solar cell spectral response of 91 or more. It has a high reflectance for infrared light of more than 1200 mm. The glass is also resistant to radiation from the sun's ultraviolet light, and the light transmittance does not decrease.
Solar panel curing line The back cover of the solar cell is a white plastic, which reflects the sunlight, so the efficiency of the module is slightly improved, and because of its high infrared emissivity, the operating temperature of the component can also be lowered. It also helps to improve the efficiency of components.