Introduction to the features and functions of the automatic glass up loading machine

- May 30, 2019-

The automatic glass up loading machine can realize that the gripping mechanism automatically grabs the septum and places it in the recycling box, then returns the glass placed on the tray to the conveying line, and the gripping mechanism returns to the top of the glass to end a cycle, in the process In-line intelligent automatic feeding of glass, single-chip transfer speed of 220 pieces / hour, servo motor drive, accurate and stable operation, fully automatic control, convenient feeding, no manual intervention, simple and firm overall structure, high stability .


During the use of the automatic glass machine, the transfer suction cup sucks the glass from the pallet and then puts it on the conveyor line; the equipment is equipped with a double photoelectric switch to confirm the glass collision protection caused by malfunction, etc.; The paper is placed in the isolation box.


Automatic glass machine with automatic reminder of material shortage; feeding area with protective grating or safety door; with ion fan for dust blowing of glass, can meet the use of different specifications of glass; with paper separation function, meet 150P (3.2mm ) The size of the drag glass, and the 2 brackets directly switch seamlessly.