Operating characteristics of solar PV module automation machines

- Nov 05, 2018-

Solar PV module automation machines in the production operation, the processing procedure for the component raw materials can be automated. At present, various processing steps for component raw materials can be produced by using a fully automated component production line, thereby greatly improving work efficiency.


That is to say, the use of solar modules to automate the machine can control the production status of the components online, so that the automation of the entire assembly is improved, the efficiency is greatly improved, and a large number of labors are reduced.


Operating characteristics of solar PV module automation machines:


The first is intelligent, the machine has a high level of automation, the user can intelligently process the production process control diagnosis during operation.


Secondly, the online control is realized. The solar component automation machine achieves online detection control by effectively connecting the detection system such as the EL detection system, the insulation test system and the finished product performance test system.


Furthermore, remote monitoring is possible, so feedback production data can be updated in real time during production to facilitate production management control.


Finally, redundant control is possible, which helps keep the solar module automation machine stable and continuous for long periods of time.