Operating precautions and requirements for TPT cutting lay up device

- May 20, 2019-

The TPT cutting lay up device requires safety technical training during the operation, and can be operated independently after passing the test and obtaining the operation certificate. Before the welding and cutting in the fire-fighting zone, the fire approval system must be implemented, and the relevant departments must issue a fire permit before they can operate.


The TPT cutting device must be disconnected from the power switch to carry the welder, overhaul the welder, replace the fuse, change the polarity, etc. The installation, inspection of the welder or replacement of the fuse shall be carried out by an electrician and the welder shall not carry out it without authorization.


In the range of l0m of the welding work site, there shall be no inflammable or explosive materials.


The welder's hand or part of the body of the TPT cutting device must not be in contact with the electrical conductor. Rubber insulation mats should be placed on the floor when operating in wet locations. Before work, check the insulation of equipment and tools for damage and grounding. Personal protective equipment must be worn as required during work.

When pushing and pulling the power knife, the TPT cutting device should wear insulated gloves, stand on the side, push the brake with the left hand, and move fast to prevent the arc spark from burning the face. Guardians and ventilation devices are required for welding in containers and cabins. The line lamp voltage used is 12V.