Operating procedures and structural features of the automatic cutting EVA lay up machine

- Dec 05, 2017-

The automatic cutting EVA lay up machine cuts the entire volume of EVA or back panel in accordance with the customer requirements of the size of the cutting and laid to the components. The automatic cutting EVA lay up machine to a certain extent, can realize the automatic feeding and collecting. The whole equipment adopts the light electricity correct an error control system to correct an error automatically, and control in digital circuit.

The automatic cutting EVA lay up machine is equipped with automatic tension wrinkle mechanism, which can ensure the EVA surface smooth. Automatic cutting uses cylinder press, and is driven by the servo motor, ensure that the feeding mouth flush without deflection. Double - drive automatic clamping and laying mechanism lays the whole piece of EVA on the glass.

The automatic cutting EVA lay up machine adopts touch screen system to control, which can set the required parameters according to different products. The equipment is equipped with auxiliary feeding mechanism, which is convenient for artificial feeding. The frame base is welded with iron square tube and iron plate, and the overall mechanism is stable. The maximum width of EVA ≤ 1000 mm.

The safety operation specification of the automatic cutting EVA lay up machine

1. In order to make the Eva cutting lay up machine effective maintenance and reasonable use, the machine can ensure the accuracy and service life of the machine, ensure product quality, production capacity, maintenance and operator safety.

2. Eva cutting lay up machine: EVA online cutting, the manipulator automatically pulls EVA to the glass on the equipment.

3. The production operator needs to operate the equipment according to the regulations, daily maintenance and the replacement of materials are necessary.

4. The engineer supervises the technician to carry out the maintenance of the equipment, and improve the pretreatment of the hidden danger of the equipment.