Operation requirements and fault detection of PV module automation machine

- Mar 05, 2019-

In the process of operating the PV module automation machine, the linkage is mainly controlled by the same PLC. There is no incompatibility between the two devices. The linkage performance between the devices is excellent, and the deceleration is greatly slowed down due to the linkage problem. System stability. The system has unified control and display, which is simple and intuitive, simple and convenient to operate, easy to learn, and reduces the requirements for operators.

When the PV module automation machine is running, its system can bring its own fault detection program, which can accurately indicate the cause of the fault and the location of its fault when the operation is performed. At the same time, each substation has 30% of the IO points, IO. Quickly interchange when problems occur, reducing repair time and reducing equipment downtime.

The PV module automation machine has remote diagnosis function, and its manufacturer can provide remote online diagnosis, help on-site maintenance personnel to locate the cause of the problem, and guide the on-site maintenance personnel to timely and accurately eliminate the fault. While solving problems in a timely manner, reduce the ability requirements for maintenance personnel. The system has good scalability, can increase the number of extended IO points as needed, supports common communication protocols such as Ethernet, and is beneficial to the upgrade of production lines caused by future production process changes.