Optional camera in solar module EL tester

- Apr 23, 2019-

Is there a camera in the solar module EL tester, is it good to use a CCD industrial camera or a CMOS SLR camera? In fact, CCD is a "charge-coupled device", which is a photosensitive semiconductor chip used to capture graphics, but CCD has no ability to record graphics data, and has no ability to save permanently. All graphics data will be sent to an analog-to-digital converter without stopping. A signal processor and a storage device.


CMOS is a "complementary metal oxide semiconductor." It is an important chip in a computer system, which preserves a large amount of data needed for system booting. The main difference between CCD and CMOS manufacturing is that CCD is integrated on semiconductor single crystal material, and CMOS is integrated on semiconductor material called metal oxide.


There is no essential difference in the working principle. Photoelectric diodes are used for photoelectric conversion. The principle of this conversion is similar to the solar cell effect of solar computers. The stronger the light, the stronger the power; on the contrary, the weaker the light and the weaker the power. The image is converted to digital data according to this principle, and the main difference is that the way digital data is transmitted is different.


In general: CMOS imaging is more clear than CMOS imaging if the difference between pixels and pixels is not large. CMOS imaging is more clear if the pixel difference level is very large. At present, more than 10 million effective pixels of the solar module EL tester are CMOS sensor chips.