Pipeline operation and disassembly method of Automatic Bus-bar Line Up & Welding Machine

- Jul 09, 2018-

The integrated cutting machine is equipped with a dust collector, lifting platform and automatic welding equipment to a certain extent. The technology of the confluent typesetting machine is very advanced and saves production cost. Under normal circumstances, it will save two more labors than the ordinary Pu trigger, saving thousands of yuan per day.


The Automatic Bus-bar Line Up & Welding Machine can effectively adopt the disassembly type, which is very convenient in the process of transportation, so that the transportation cost can be greatly saved to a certain extent, and the equipment needs to be related before being put into operation. Training of knowledge learning and safe operation of equipment, according to the production requirements of multi-layer board laying machine, adjust various mechanical parameters, and confirm that it is correct before starting operation. Do not adjust the mechanical parameters while the equipment is in operation. When the machine is running, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the direction of rotation of the machine is correct. If it is found that there is an abnormality, the machine should be shut down and the power must be cut off.


The operator of the machine must wear professional work clothes for mechanical operation. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition, and whether the lubrication is sufficient. All tools and debris should not be placed on the machine. Do not disconnect the load while the machine is running. Do not open the transmission safety shield. After the completion, it is not possible to load the machine immediately, and the operation can only be performed after the machine is completely stopped.