Precautions and adjustment requirements for single glass loading equipment

- Dec 18, 2018-

The single glass loading equipment can automatically install the glass trim strip during the process of use, and automatically control the cylinder and PLC to greatly improve the production efficiency. It can be adjusted automatically before and after, and can be applied to different sizes of glass installation.

Single glass loading equipment considerations

1. Pay attention to safety when debugging and using. Do not touch moving parts or live parts when starting the machine.

2. Tools and other objects should not be placed on the conveyor rails and covers.

3. In case of emergency, immediately press the "Emergency stop" button or pull down the air switch;

4. Pay attention to the grinding situation at any time: the grinding wheel loss should be compensated in time.

5. Keep the water tank's cooling water sufficient and the water quality clean at any time to avoid burning the grinding wheel and glass, and clean the grinding impurities in the water inlet and outlet pipes in time to keep the waterway clear.

6. Check whether all the travel switches are working properly and the control direction is correct before working.