Precautions and operational requirements for automatic double glass loader

- Oct 15, 2018-

Automatic double glass loader is a machine specially used for glass drilling. It is mainly divided into a base, a console, a drill, a motor, etc., and the diameter of the drill hole is large, and the overhang of the base is large, so that it can be used for various sizes. The glass is drilled, the height of the worktable is low, and the operation is convenient. The lower drill bit adopts pneumatic speed regulation and the speed is stable, which is an ideal drilling machine for glass processing enterprises.

Automatic double glass loader precautions

1. Pay attention to safety when adjusting and using. Do not touch moving parts or live parts when the machine is started.

2. Do not place tools and other items on the conveyor rails and covers.

3. If there is an economic situation, you need to immediately press the “Emergency Stop” button or pull down the air switch.

4. Need to pay attention to the grinding situation at any time: the grinding wheel loss should be compensated in time.

5. To a certain extent, it is necessary to keep the cooling water volume of the water tank sufficient and the water quality clean, so that the grinding wheel and the glass can be effectively avoided, and the grinding impurities in the water inlet and outlet pipes can be cleaned in time to keep the waterway unblocked.