Process design and application characteristics of Automatic placing mould device

- Mar 12, 2019-

The Automatic placing mould device is the first new concept model to be introduced. It improves the production efficiency and saves space of the module. The automatic placement of the template machine has the advantages of fast production speed, flexible turning at multiple angles, high efficiency and uniform size.

The automatic placement template machine is specially designed for eva, which is used for slotting of the garment template, so that the size of the garment is large, medium and small, and the size of the garment is accurate and consistent. At the same time, the sewing process is reduced, the model is elegant, the operation is easy to understand, and the power consumption is small. The angle of the template is accurate, and the drill bit can be replaced at will, which reduces the template material and reduces the cost.

The automatic placement of the template machine is more effective in speeding up the production speed of the workshop, shortening the delivery time, and ensuring the quality of the eva. The template eva can make the manual sewing work without training, complete the high-quality eva process, and solve the problem of enterprise recruitment. .

Automatic placement of the template machine features
1. Workbench carriage, transporting the carriage with φ16, φ12 precision roller support rolling, small friction resistance, high motion precision, stable work, strong wear resistance.
2. Wire-drum drive, using synchronous gear, toothed belt drive, timing belt and design constant tension pre-tensioning device to ensure smooth running of the wire components and low noise.