Process requirements for solar module automation machine

- Oct 25, 2018-

The solar module automation machine can be designed according to the user's production requirements. Each production line is laid with a transmission line before lamination; the laminated transmission line; the group frame angle production automatic line; the cleaning and junction box installation automatic line; cleaning treatment Transmission line; automatic test transmission line; automatic temperature control test transmission line; automatic classification transmission line after test.


In the production line, different processing steps of each solar photovoltaic component automation machine can be automatically switched through different transmission, transshipment, redirection, positioning reversal, storage/release mechanisms, etc., to meet the process requirements of the component packaging process, thereby satisfying the automatic process. control.


In the solar module automation machine, the transmission mechanism is also an important component, which has outstanding features such as stable and reliable transportation. Therefore, during the operation of the component, there is no swaying deviation. In particular, the absence of misalignment between the laminates of the pre-lamination assembly provides the necessary process conditions for lamination.