PV module automation machine process flow and layout

- Jun 14, 2018-

The entire system structure of the PV module automation machine can be divided into two parts: the on-site PV production line centralized management system and the operation center. The on-site production line management system is mainly composed of transmission systems, control systems, and video acquisition equipment. The completed production monitoring and control functions of the photovoltaic module production line equipment are completed, and the operation center is provided with automated data and video data.


The operation center is composed of equipment remote operation and maintenance platform system, firewall, IO server, data record server, message server, HMI/WEB workstation, engineer station and hardware maintenance station, etc. It is mainly responsible for the collection of photovoltaic production line data scattered in various places. / Record and show, video data collection and display, data analysis, display/storage/view, WEB release, mobile device monitoring service, etc., to realize the remote operation and maintenance of PV module automation machine.


Photovoltaic module automation machines will undergo a series of process flow during the production of photovoltaic modules, starting with battery sorting, followed by laser scribing, cell welding, inspection, layout laying, laminating, curing, frame mounting and loading. Junction box, testing, cleaning, and finally packaging and storage.


Photovoltaic module automation machines are based on the process steps of the component production, the equipment used in each process, and the structure, area, and other factors of the production plant to conduct comprehensive consideration and rational layout. The layout must not only conform to the production process, but also make full use of the space and maximize the flow of people and logistics.


Photovoltaic module automation machines can be distinguished from one another by two major categories. One is a linear type. This is a very common production line layout method, suitable for a long and narrow type of factory building, or for multiple production lines in a large factory building. Arrange the layout.


There is also a u-type production line, which places the beginning and end of the entire production process in one place, which is suitable for a factory that cannot be deployed in a straight line, such as a square building. Regardless of the layout method, the use of PV module automation machines solves every link in the customer's production, reduces the number of operators, and reduces the floor space; allowing customers to increase their output and create competitive cost advantages for their customers.