PV Module Automation Machine Trend

- Mar 19, 2018-

PV module automation machine can not only be put into commercial operations, or the requirements for mechanical automation are not very high; and solar construction applied to photovoltaic assembly automation machines is a new field developed by solar energy and has become the focus of international attention. And the automation requirements for PV modules are the highest for automation, mainly for the development of energy development.


If PV modules are used in solar buildings, they can use solar heating to refrigerate. Through the building components themselves and additional independent integrators, they can collect the radiant heat of solar energy. This is the time to pay attention to the use of mechanical automation. Maintain the efficiency of system operation to save a lot of energy, coal, natural gas and other energy sources.


After that, with regard to the use of PV module automation machine, for the use of solar thermal power generation systems, thermal power generation is collectively referred to as concentrating solar power generation. Unlike conventional power generation stations, such applications will also be obtained by concentrating solar radiation. Heat energy will then be converted into high-temperature steam-driven steam turbines to generate electricity.


The use and development of PV module automation machines, to a large extent, refers to the development of mechanical automation and intelligence in solving the process of increasing the exploitation of solar energy resources, and in this respect, the development of resources can also be reduced. By using the high costs incurred, the level of machine automation will be fully enhanced, and high-end technologies will be adopted to reduce energy consumption, save human resources and cost equipment, and this time will enable our country's solar energy industry to continue to improve.


For the use of PV module automation machines, the solar water heaters are connected to radiators and pumps in terms of their main features. After that, the time controllers, temperature controllers, and pumps are connected and actually used. To a large extent, it will inevitably achieve a high degree of intelligent control. It can be automatically adjusted in the normal operation of the system, and it can also integrate energy saving, environmental protection and convenient use.