PV module automation machine vision system working process

- Jul 23, 2018-

The PV module automation machine has a complete vision system. When the object is detected by the work piece position detector, the object has moved to the center of the field of view of the camera system and sends a trigger pulse to the image acquisition part. At the same time, the image acquisition part is in advance. Set the program and delay to send a start pulse to the camera and lighting system respectively.


The camera of the PV component automation machine vision system stops the current scan, restarts a new frame scan, or the camera waits before the start pulse arrives, and initiates a frame scan after the start pulse arrives. The exposure mechanism is turned on before the camera starts a new one-frame scan, and the exposure time can be set in advance.


At the same time, another start pulse in the automated component machine vision system of the PV module turns on the illumination, and the turn-on time of the light should match the exposure time of the camera. After the camera is exposed, the scanning and output of one frame of image is officially started. The analog video signal received by the image acquisition portion is then digitized by A/D, or the digital video data digitized by the camera is directly received.


The collected digital image is stored in a memory of a processor or a computer; the processor processes, analyzes, and recognizes the image to obtain a measurement result or a logic control value; finally, controls the operation of the pipeline, performs positioning, and corrects motion through the processing result. Errors, etc.