Robot Automatic Glazing Machine is the ideal equipment for handling glass

- Jan 31, 2019-

The robot automatic glass machine is an ideal equipment for handling glass. It is suitable for handling insulating glass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall, glass deep processing, solar photovoltaic glass and so on. On-site construction can be equipped with DC rechargeable vacuum pump, equipped with battery device, the large bearing capacity can reach 500kg.


When purchasing a robot automatically on the glass machine, you can first select the robot that is suitable for your own robot based on the actual situation of the company's actual film layout. It is also necessary to consider what glass is cut and the layout. Basic requirements; also consider the accuracy of the robot's automatic loading on the glass machine.


In the application process, the size of the typesetting glass can be optimized in the office, and then imported into the on-site robot to automatically carry on the glass machine to achieve continuous filming and splitting the box to place the glass reasonably. Any mechanical product must have a perfect after-sales system. The robot automatically installs the glass machine because of the large number of parts, and at the same time, some of the consumables need to provide complete services.