robot automatic loader machine control system and power mode

- Mar 07, 2019-

Robot automatic loader machine control system and power mode

The robot automatic loader machine goes to the hydraulic intelligent loader system, the boom, the bucket and the steering are all driven by the digital hydraulic cylinder during the operation. Not only the handling and smoothness of the movement are unprecedented, but also due to the precise movement of the digital hydraulic cylinder. It can also enable the loader to achieve high-efficiency multi-system coordination work, refinement work, automation work, remote control work and intelligent unmanned work.

The robotic autoloader can program the power-sensitive pump during operation. It not only has load sensitivity when in use, but also uses Bomei digital programmable power-sensitive pump, which not only has load sensitivity, but also can increase the operating efficiency by digital programmable power. At the same time, the loader power consumption is further reduced, enabling the loader to quickly achieve energy-efficient green operation.

Robotic autoloader full digital hydraulic loader control system, using reconfigurable logic control system developed for robots, with better electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature adaptability, wide voltage range, etc. System reliability has been greatly improved. The all-digital hydraulic loader control system coordinated control of each digital hydraulic actuator unit and digital programmable power-sensitive pump system to form a full digital electric servo flow distribution system (DEFM), which not only greatly improved the handling of the all-digital hydraulic loader, but also improved the operating efficiency. Higher, energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the all-digital hydraulic loader has many intelligent and automated operations.