Robot automatic templated device requirements and advantages

- Dec 24, 2018-

The Robot automatic templated device can be used to arrange the flow of water more scientifically and accurately through the template design and layout of the stencil process. Make the pipeline more rational, refined, ready, and stylized. Effectively control production costs and reduce the pressure on production workers. Enhance corporate image and enhance competitive advantage.

Robot automatic templated device requirements

Laser template files can be exported directly to the Fuyi template cutter. The PVC sheets are cut and finally combined into a formwork.

The robot automatic stencil equipment adopts advanced new gear design, the speed can reach 1800-2700 rev / min, multi-head synchronous sewing, improve production efficiency and product quality, simplify and standardize complex processes, and reduce the quality defect rate.

Replace the original manual sewing machine with a more automated computer-controlled machine, reduce the dependence on high-skilled personnel, ensure the quality, solve the shortage of industrial workers and skill defects, and fully complete the sewing of garments. To promote the streamlining of garment template technology.