Robot double glass loader machine advanced technology

- Nov 19, 2018-

The boom, bucket and steering of the robot double glass loader machines are all driven by the digital hydraulic cylinder, which not only has good handling and smooth ride, but also enables the loader to achieve high precision due to the precise movement of the digital hydraulic cylinder. Multi-system coordination of efficiency, refined operations, automated operations, remote control operations, and intelligent unmanned operations.


The robot double-layer glass loader power supply unit adopts digital programmable power sensitive pump, which not only has load sensitivity, but also can increase the working efficiency by digitally programmable power mode, further reducing the power consumption of the loader and enabling the loader to realize quickly. Energy efficient green jobs.


The control system of the robot double glass loader machine adopts a reconfigurable logic control system, which has better electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature adaptability, wide voltage range, etc. compared with the existing technology, so that the reliability of the control system is greatly improved. . In addition, the robot double-layer glass loader also has wireless network link capability, providing a basis for intelligent design optimization, intelligent manufacturing management, intelligent predictive maintenance, intelligent logistics management, and intelligent financial services based on big data and cloud computing.