Robot glass automatic loading machine performance advantages introduced

- Mar 06, 2018-

Generally, the composition of robotic automatic glazing equipment can be divided into six major parts, namely the take-and-take walking mechanism, the suction cup flip-arm structure, the sending sheet delivery structure, the mechanical turnover elevator mechanism, the vacuum system and the electrical control system. Robot automatic glass machine equipment can automatically flip the original glass from the vertical position to a horizontal position, according to the signal sent to the desired work surface or conveyor line.


For users, robot glass automatic loading machine equipment has obvious application advantages. First of all, the device uses PLC centralized control, user-friendly design control, when in use, usually placed on both sides of the device required the original piece of glass, by the operator to choose the direction of the film / glass, and then controlled by the PLC Automatically complete the film on the whole process. Manual mode can also choose to take the glass film / film.


Automatic robot from the glass on the operation of the process point of view, including film flipping and a series of operations by the device automatically. Machine design is reasonable, easy to operate, action sensitive and reliable. Which set the hydraulic system to complete the sucker arm flip, a reliable vacuum system has a slow positioning of the high-speed film feeding function, positioning accurate, fast delivery.


The use of robot automatic glass machine, not only significantly improve work efficiency, but also more secure. As a result of the humanized design control, replacing the human turn film, improve efficiency, safety and reliability, to solve the employment difficulties, staff safety and other issues.


More importantly, the robot automatically on the glass to improve work efficiency, but also effectively increase the flexibility of work, reducing the number of personnel. After the robot glass automatic loading machine is used, operations such as taking, breaking, cutting and the like can be completed by only one person, thereby saving labor cost.