Safety procedures for automatic online EVA cutting laying machine

- Feb 05, 2019-

In order to ensure effective maintenance and reasonable use of the online EVA cutting and laying machine, the accuracy and the service life of the machine can be guaranteed to ensure product quality, production capacity, maintenance and operator safety. A comprehensive inspection is required before production, including checking the surrounding ground for cleaning, and there is no debris related to production; checking whether the power is turned on, and normally touching the touch screen with a finger should be always on, such as abnormal notification to the equipment personnel.


Check and reset all the “Emergency Stop” buttons on the automatic online EVA cutting laying machine and press the “Reset” button next to the touch screen to initialize the device. After the initialization is completed, click “Auto Run” and the device will enter the working state.


The roller is passed through the EVA coil, one end of the coil is placed against the positioning disc, and the inflation shaft is opened by inflation. Press the "Start" button and wear the EVA roll as shown below. When finished, press the "Start" button again and then lower the lever. Be careful not to skew during the installation process of the coil material. If the installation is not correct, the cutting and laying accuracy will not meet the requirements. Before the EVA coil is replaced, check that the end must be flush, otherwise the cutting and laying accuracy will not meet the requirements.