Solar cell automatic production line process introduction

- Nov 06, 2018-

In the use of automatic solar cell automatic production lines, battery products need to be tested. This is because the randomness of the cell manufacturing conditions, the performance of the produced battery is not the same, so in order to effectively combine the batteries with the same performance or similar, it should be classified according to its performance parameters to improve the utilization of the battery. , to make quality qualified battery components.


The next step is to complete the front side of the weld and the back side of the series, different specifications of the components use different templates. After the back side is connected in series and passed the inspection, the component string, the glass and the cut EVA, the glass fiber and the back sheet are laid according to a certain level, that is, ready to enter the lamination process stage of the solar cell automatic production line.


After the component is laminated, it needs to be trimmed and then framed. Then solder a box to the back of the component to facilitate the connection between the battery and other devices or batteries. During the operation of the solar cell automatic production line, it is also necessary to apply a certain voltage between the component frame and the electrode lead for high voltage testing. Finally, the component test determines the quality level of the component.