Solar Module EL Tester Features

- Mar 29, 2018-

The solar module EL tester can be applied to different workstations according to the user's requirements, including pre-layer inspection, post-layer inspection, and final inspection. The EL module of solar modules can also be tested according to the user's requirements (M950). It can also be used to detect EL(M951), VI(M952) only, and the tester software will reserve the interface of distributed management system; the device also assists in diagnosis and automatic identification.


The application of the solar module EL tester is actually because of the solar cell module production, because the transmission mode of the battery module is face down, which makes it difficult for the personnel to observe the battery module frontally. At this time, the appearance developed for this phenomenon is developed. The detection equipment can not only solve the difficulty of personnel observation, but also significantly shorten the observation time of personnel.


At the same time, when the solar module EL tester is being used, it is also possible for a person who detects the EL to detect appearance defects, thereby significantly reducing the labor cost of the appearance inspection station. The 7.5K*2 high-resolution camera used in this kind of tester is relatively clear in imaging.


The solar module EL tester is relatively high in accuracy. At this time, the component appearance defects are clearly identified. After that, the tester's detection speed is directly matched to the line speed. With regard to the application of the solar module EL tester, it is actually capable of directly integrating the existing assembly line. In addition to maintaining the original assembly line function, it will also be faster when the upgrade is performed.


In the end, for the R&D, production, and sales of solar module EL testers, this test equipment will be a new product for the time being. It can provide trials for some product prototypes. Our company is providing customers with better product quality and assembly lines. After the operating costs, it also provides a solid detection method, the introduction of solar energy components EL tester can basically complete the benefits recovery within one year, making the assembly line appear more intelligent.