Solar module EL tester use process and programmable power supply

- May 27, 2019-

In the process of using the solar module EL tester, a full-active tester is mainly used, and the near-infrared image of the component is captured by a high-resolution infrared camera by using the electroluminescence principle of the crystalline silicon to acquire and determine the defects of the component. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast detection speed and intuitive image. It is the key equipment to improve the quality of photovoltaic modules. Infrared detection can fully grasp the internal problems of solar cells, provide basis for improving production process, improve product quality, and timely solve problem components. Rework, reduce losses as much as possible.


Solar module EL tester imported programmable power supply, from 100VAC to 240VAC wide range of working input voltage to ensure the stability of the working state; its output voltage, current and other functions of the operation switching and adjustment can be controlled through the manual and control software interface The output accuracy is up to the thousandth; its load output power can be up to 760 watts, and it has its own overload protection to avoid damage to the battery by misoperation.


Solar module EL tester fully enclosed optical system and constant temperature cooling system keep the test environment in full darkroom and constant temperature environment, ensuring the stability of the whole system operation; avoiding the test imaging noise caused by external stray light and temperature unevenness, ensuring The intuitiveness and accuracy of the test.