Solar panel curing line features

- Jun 12, 2018-

The solar panel curing line belongs to a large part of the automatic production line of solar modules. It is a servo motor driven high-precision ball screw for precision pressure assembly operations, and it can realize the press force and press-in depth in the pressure assembly function. Closed-loop control of the process to achieve precise press-fitting of solar panel online quality management.


During the actual operation of the solar panel curing line, whether it is pressing force, press-in depth or holding time, these technical parameters can be controlled through the operation panel of the production line, which is very simple and convenient, mainly for each action. High control accuracy.


Under normal circumstances, the solar panel curing line can also be customized, stored, and called 100 sets of press-fitting procedures. Three press-fitting modes are available to meet different process requirements. Through the USB interface, the press-fit data can be stored in the flash disk, ensuring the traceability of the product processing data and facilitating the production quality control and management.


Since the solar panel curing line machine itself has precise pressure and displacement control functions, there is no need to additionally add hard limits on the tooling. When processing different specification products, only different press-fitting procedures are called, so it is easy to To achieve a multi-purpose machine and flexible assembly line function.


Solar panel curing line has been widely used in automatic tightening machine, single-axis multi-axis tightening machine, loosening machine, or with the auxiliary operation of the rocker, robot, robot, precision control tightening torque, tightening assembly of various types of screws, nuts, bolts For most industrial assembly use.


In addition to the solar panel curing line, a series of production lines and units will be used in the production of solar panels, each of which will provide an advantageous role in the production of products, making the production of solar panels easier and faster. Production cycle, reduce production costs.