Solar panel curing line performance and technical requirements

- Mar 15, 2018-

The solar panel curing line mainly refers to the curing process of the component to be treated in time during the production of the component. In this process, the conveying system is often used. The main function of the conveying system is to stack the components on the solidification line of the solar panel, and to step and displace when stacked or taken to a certain height.


About the function description of the solar panel curing line: In the production process, after the components are automatically positioned and corrected, the curing process is stacked on the curing conveyor line. After the curing is complete, the components will be moved to the production line for further processing.


About the structural characteristics of the solar cell curing line: From the structural design and composition point of view, the device's frame uses iron Fangtong, after the gantry milling installation slide, sturdy, durable, and good stability. The transmission mechanism is driven by a servo motor, a timing belt or rack-and-pinion transmission, and is equipped with a speed reducer. The operation is smooth and precise.


During the curing process of the curing line of the solar panel, the various components are stacked neatly, and stacking modes may be neatly stacked and staggered. Usually each device is equipped with a unique electrical box control, and parameters can be set through the touch screen.


In short, the solar panel curing line is a device with a high degree of automation, which can reduce the operator and improve the work efficiency. While increasing the product, it can also create a competitive cost advantage for the user.


In fact, in the production of components, in addition to the use of solar panel curing lines, it also includes many other related equipment, such as conveyors, component typesetting machines, automatic trimming machines, automatic frame machines, and related photovoltaic component inspections. Test and other equipment. The layout of the entire production line is scientific and reasonable, the cost performance is high, and maintenance is convenient.