Solar panel EL tester function and composition

- Apr 19, 2018-

The solar panel EL tester equipment is mainly used for the rapid detection of internal defects of solar cell modules, and the instrument can quickly detect the formation of problems in the solar cell module. In fact, the solar panel EL tester equipment is mainly based on the difference in the brightness of the solar cells in the solar cell module to clearly show the formation of the split.


First, the solar panel EL tester equipment and equipment features introduced:

Resolution is 16 million pixels;

Detection time up to 24 seconds

High sensitivity, crack detection 0.2mm.


Second, solar panel EL tester function introduction:

With the help of the solar panel EL tester, we will be able to quickly and accurately detect the quality problems existing within the photovoltaic solar panels, such as broken grids, cracks, fragments, debris, imaginary welds, sintered meshes, black cores, black edges, and blends. File, low-efficiency slice, edge over engraving, PID, attenuation, hot spot attenuation and other parameters.


Third, the basic composition of the solar panel EL tester:


The first is the imaging system, usually in the solar panel EL tester. Its imaging system mainly includes EL camera + EL lens; IPAD; camera backpack and external wifi module 2.4G;


Followed by the power system, in the solar panel EL tester, its power system includes the main components: power trolley box; DC voltage regulator mobile power and bracket system. The stent system is mainly composed of a test stent and a stent graft.


Third, solar panel EL tester test process introduction:


In actual work, first connect the camera of the solar panel EL tester and complete the setup. Click the white switch button on the side of the controller to turn on the controller. The next step is to test the bracket connection, connect the bottom of the camera to the connection block on the bracket, and tighten the screw. After that, the regulated power supply is connected and used. Finally, the red output selection button is pressed.


In short, in the production process, the test results of the solar panel EL tester have a very important influence on the product quality. It can be seen that the quality of the solar panel EL tester will be related to the test results of photovoltaic solar panels.