Solar panel module curing line overall design

- Apr 09, 2018-

In the production of solar panels, it is often necessary to go through a very important process - curing. Normally, the curing temperature is required to be 150°C during the production of solar panel module curing line. Taking into account the process requirements of the solar panel module curing line, the curing chamber mainly includes the temperature and humidity control system, the robot and its control system, the curing room electrical control system, the pneumatic system, the entry and exit port positioning workbench, and the robot sliding table, manipulator and shelf The mechanical structure.


In order to ensure the curing quality of the solar panel, the solar cell module curing line must first ensure the constant temperature and humidity of the environmental conditions, that is, the operating temperature is maintained at 35 °C, relative humidity of 65% of the curing environment. Of course, actual temperature and humidity need to be set according to different product curing processes. Therefore we need to design a temperature and humidity control system.


In actual operation, after confirming that the temperature and humidity conditions in the solar panel module curing line has reached the set requirements, the solar cell panel transported to the inlet port table via the conveyor belt is started to be transported. After the table clamp is clamped and positioned, the robot is used. The suction cup on the robot picks up the battery board, and the fixture is released. The robot grabs the battery board and puts it into the rack in a certain order. After the battery board in the curing room meets the curing time of about six hours, the robot then Take out the battery plate and turn it 180° on the discharge port table, position it and clamp it, and scrape it on the surface with a scraper on the side of the robot manipulator.


During production, if it is found that the temperature and humidity conditions significantly exceed the set requirements, then the solar panel module curing line system will automatically correct the curing time to ensure the quality of the curing. Normally, when the curing system is just running, the shelves are empty, the newly inserted battery board is not solidified, and the robot only performs the loading operation. After the battery board is cured in the curing room, the production cycle of the curing room is taken out by the robot. One block is alternated to ensure that the curing chamber is under high utilization.


The electric control system of the solar panel module curing line system is an industrial computer as the host computer, and according to the specific requirements of the solar panel curing system, a set of PLC control system with excellent performance is developed to meet the production process of the solar panel module curing line. The requirements, while ensuring the entire curing system safe and smooth operation.