Solar panel module curing line power generation system and components

- Jun 18, 2019-

The solar panel module curing line is an important part of the solar cell (group) and is also a valuable part of the solar power generation system. Its role is to convert solar energy into electrical energy, or send it to a battery for storage, or to drive the load. It is an inseparable solar cell combination device with a package and internal connection that can provide DC output separately.


The solar panel module curing line has a small power per individual solar cell, so the modules are internally connected in the form of a battery string. The upper (negative) of each panel is soldered to the back (positive) of the next cell. Although it can be handled manually, it is usually processed by automated processing of the string. The end of each string extends beyond the edge of a battery to supply a gas connection. After the connection, the fragile solar cell needs to be properly protected to withstand external mechanical stresses, changes in climatic conditions and humidity. Therefore, people first embed a transparent bonding material at the joint end and also insulate it. The battery string is then sandwiched between the front and back two sheets. The front is a light-sensitive surface, the material must be transparent, generally using ultra-white suede glass, such as high transmittance solar glass.