Solar panel module curing line production characteristics

- Apr 02, 2018-

Solar panel module curing line should pay attention to the battery test during production, because of the randomness of the battery cell manufacturing conditions, the produced battery performance is not the same, the use of solar cell module curing line, this time is able to Effectively combine cells with identical or similar performance, so they should be classified according to their performance parameters.


Solar panel module curing line in the production of the battery test, in fact, is to improve the utilization of the battery, after which is to pay attention to the quality of qualified battery components. Solar panel module curing line welding of the battery, this string welding opportunity to use the mechanical transmission mechanism for the transport of the battery, the use of high temperature gas in the infrared lamp on the heating plate for welding the battery.


For the production of solar panel module curing line, attention should be paid to laminating, which refers to the welding of the battery cells. After passing the inspection, the component strings, glass and cut EVA, glass fiber, and backplane are laid according to certain levels. Prepare for lamination.


Afterwards, the trimming on the solidification line of the solar panel module means that during the laminating process, the EVA is melted outward due to pressure and solidified to form burrs. This should be taken care of to cut out the laminate after it is laminated. . With regard to its mounting frame, it is also possible to further seal the battery pack at this time and extend the service life of the battery. The gap between the frame and the glass assembly is filled with silicone resin. Each corner is connected with a corner key.


When the solar panel module curing line is under production, a bus control technology is adopted to intelligently process, diagnose and control the production process, perform on-line control, and remotely monitor. In this respect, it is possible to update feedback production data in real time. , which facilitates production management control. In this way, the production quality and production efficiency of the solar cell module curing line can be guaranteed.