Solar PV module automation machines production scheme

- May 28, 2018-

The solar PV module automation machine is, to a certain extent, an integrated automatic production line of closed-loop solar photovoltaic modules. Such a production line is mainly composed of an EVA automatic laying machine, a battery serial chip laying typesetting machine, an automatic battery string converging line welding machine, and an EVA. , TPT automatic composite laying conveyor, laminating laminating machine, battery assembly trimming machine, riveting machine and hit the plastic group machine.

The use of solar photovoltaic module automation machines has greatly reduced the area of factory buildings, saved labor, saved energy consumption, and saved more than 30% in equipment and workshop production environment.

Solar PV module automation machines production scheme

1. Intelligentization of solar photovoltaic module automation machines: Using bus control technology, intelligent control of production process control and diagnosis.

2. Online control: Through on-line detection systems such as EL inspection system, insulation test system and finished product performance test system, online inspection control can be achieved.

3. Remote monitoring: The ability to update the feedback production data in real time to facilitate production management control.

4. Redundancy control: It is used through the combination of server redundancy and controller redundancy to ensure long-term stable and continuous operation of the entire system.

The production line management system of the Solar PV module automation machines are mainly controlled by a control system, a transmission system, and a video capture device during the production process. The local production line equipment production and operation monitoring and control functions are completed, and the operation center is provided with automated data and Video data.

The operation center of the solar photovoltaic module automation machine is composed of equipment remote operation and maintenance platform system, firewall, IO server, data record server, message server, HMI/WEB workstation, engineer station and hardware maintenance station. Completion of the collection/recording and display of photovoltaic production line data scattered throughout the country, collection and display of video data, data analysis, storage/viewing, WEB release, mobile device monitoring services, etc., to realize the remote operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic production line.