Stepless speed regulation and simple maintenance of robot automatic loader machine

- Feb 19, 2019-

The robot automatic loader machine is mainly used for shovel, loading, unloading, earth moving and stone materials, and can also be used for light excavation of rock and hard soil. If you change the different working devices, you can also do the work of bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading other materials.

In the highway construction, the robot automatic loader machine is mainly used for filling and excavation of subgrade works, aggregate and loading of asphalt and cement concrete stockyards. Because it has the advantages of fast operation speed, good maneuverability and light operation, it has developed rapidly and become the main machinery in earth and stone construction.

The robot automatic loader machine has stepless speed regulation, reliable operation, simple maintenance and high cost, and is generally adopted on large loaders. Walking structure: 1 tire type: light weight, fast speed, flexible, high efficiency, not easy to damage the road surface, large ground pressure, poor passability, but widely used. Track type: low grounding pressure, good passability, low center of gravity, good stability, strong adhesion, large traction, large cutting force, low speed, relatively poor flexibility, high cost, and easy to damage the road when walking.