System composition and production line process of battery string typesetting machine

- Jan 17, 2019-

The battery string typesetting machine is the end product of the whole photovoltaic industry chain. The physical unit sealed by the wire-connected solar cell is called the solar cell module. The product performance and reliability requirements of the solar cell module are quite strict, especially in the anti-corrosion It has outstanding performance in windproof, anti-mite and rainproof. Delta's complete intelligent solution for solar cell string automatic typesetting machine is specially developed for the battery stack automatic typesetting machine "Layer" process, which can replace artificial lamination. Realize automatic lamination.

The overall structure of the battery string typesetting machine is composed of a battery string position detecting system, a gripping system, and a glass conveying positioning system.

a) Automatically type the string of battery strings into components

b) Non-contact battery string positioning reduces fragmentation

The battery string typesetting machine can be combined with the fully automatic solar cell string welding machine when working, and can realize the battery string welding and the positioning and layout of the battery string on the glass when working with the fully automatic solar cell string welding machine. Streamlined production line processes. For customers with high comprehensive requirements, this equipment is an ideal equipment, which can be flexible, easy to upgrade, fully automated and so on.