Technical advantages and structural features of the Automatic glass up loading machine

- Nov 26, 2018-

The automatic glassing machine can realize the automatic picking mechanism of the gripping mechanism and placing it in the recycling box, then returning the glass placed on the tray to the conveying line, and the grabbing mechanism returns to the top of the glass to end a cycle, in the process In-line intelligent automatic feeding of glass, single-chip transfer speed of 220 pieces / hour, servo motor drive, accurate and stable operation, fully automatic control, convenient feeding, no manual intervention, simple and firm overall structure, high stability .


At present, in the process of glass material on-line, workers have high labor intensity, slow tempo, low efficiency and inconvenient reclaiming, which seriously affects the production efficiency of photovoltaic modules. In order to achieve the matching with subsequent production tempo, the number of manual glass stations is generally increased. The method has increased the production staff and increased the labor cost of the production enterprise; therefore, it is urgent to develop an Automatic glass up loading machine that can be operated reliably without any operation, so as to reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the production efficiency of the glass station, and reduce the labor of enterprises. Cost, etc.


The automatic glassing machine effectively overcomes the above problems existing in the prior art, and is unmanned, but can operate reliably. The equipment comprises four frame columns, two frame beams are arranged at the upper end, two frame beams are connected by moving beams, and a receiving glass conveying line is arranged in the middle of the bottom end.


It can be seen that the whole Automatic glass up loading machine has novel design and simple structure. It is applied to the glass station on the assembly line of photovoltaic modules. It has the functions of automatic glass loading, automatic collection of waste paper, replacement of glass pallets without stopping, etc. The overall structure is simple. It is neat and practical, and it can save labor, energy saving and effective operation.