The actual application function of the battery string arrangement machine

- May 07, 2019-

The battery string arrangement machine is mainly used for string welding of the automatic string welding machine string, which is automatically laid out on the glass/EVA according to the process size requirement and the typesetting direction to form a battery string array. The glass/EVA is transmitted to the designated position through the transmission line and mechanically positioned. The four-axis robot grabs the battery string to realize the smart camera detecting defects, positioning, automatic rotation, and automatic typesetting. The equipment is connected to the automatic production line through the synchronous belt transmission, realizing automatic flow operation.


The panel tempered glass is manually laid EVA, conveyed by the conveyor belt to the laying machine, and the positioning of the tempered glass is completed; the conveying device feeds the positioned glass into the automatic typesetting system; the typesetting system consists of a large four-axis robot, and a visual recognition system. Photovoltaic battery string detection device, imaging device, vacuum chuck assembly and the like.


The central control system drives the four-axis robot to accurately absorb the photovoltaic cell string on the string welding box according to the coordinate information provided by the visual recognition system, and places it on the detection system table in the middle, and the detection system drives the golden finger to complete the photoelectric conversion performance detection of the battery string, and detects The result is sent to the background backup through the image system, and the detection is completed; the four-axis robot again absorbs the photovoltaic cell string and accurately places it on the tempered glass surface according to the preset coordinate value, and the finished finished product flow is transferred to the next welding and sealing process.