The advanced nature and superiority of the automatic placing mould device

- Jul 31, 2018-

The automatic placing mould device is to drive the template to perform precise horizontal and vertical movements according to the design of the design through the intelligent control system, thereby sewing a variety of complex lines. After the automatic placement of the template machine, the manual is in the auxiliary position in the production of the product. The worker only needs to place and replace the material. The remaining movement, positioning, trimming and inspection work are automatically completed by the machine, which is reduced. The labor intensity of workers.


Moreover, the automatic placing mould device can be produced in a "one person, multiple machine" manner, which changes the dependence of traditional enterprises on skilled personnel and labor-intensive production methods. Not only can the production cost of the company be greatly reduced, but also the company can carry out efficient production.


The CNC multi-function automatic placement template machine integrates advanced computer electronic control technology into the template machine, advanced design concept, excellent function, subverting the traditional process; the addition of the laser device makes the cutting method of the material have more choices. It has advantages for complex and irregular patterns.


The machine itself is equipped with a smoke collection and discharge device, which is installed in a reasonable pipeline to reduce the effects of smoke and other environmental protection requirements. According to the requirements of the template, input instructions can let the machine work automatically, effectively improve production efficiency, one-button operation, the start button machine will be fully automatic work, workers can go to prepare the next process template, to achieve standardization, standardization produce.