The advantages and main performance of battery string arrangement machine

- Jun 05, 2018-

In the process of operation, the battery string arrangement machine mainly adopts its three-dimensional conveying device, which effectively includes a working platform, an automatic typesetting machine, a vertical conveying line, and the like, and the working platform of the battery string typesetting machine is arranged in the longitudinal conveying. On any conveyor frame in the line, the automatic typesetting machine and the working platform are arranged correspondingly, and are connected with the transport rack.

The battery string arrangement machine uses the working platform embeddedly arranged in the longitudinal conveying line during the production. During the operation, the timing belt of the platform can be used to make the timing belt of the platform obtain higher or lower than the vertical transmission line. The two working conditions and position do not affect the normal conveying of the glass by the vertical conveying line, which solves the difficulty of setting up multiple working stations on the same longitudinal conveying line, facilitating the connection and conversion of multiple stations and occupying the area. Small space, fast delivery, high production efficiency.

The solar cell module is the end product of the entire photovoltaic industrial chain, and the physical unit in which the solar cells connected by wires are sealed is called a solar cell module. The performance and reliability requirements of solar cell modules are quite stringent, and in particular they require outstanding performance in anti-corrosion, wind protection, flood prevention, and rain protection. A complete set of intelligent solutions for solar cell string auto-layout machines is designed for battery string automation

The advantages of battery string arrangement machine

1. It can realize battery string welding and battery string positioning and layout on glass, simplifying the production line process.

2. China's first combination of typesetting and typesetting, reasonable design, small footprint.

3. Multi-station CCD detection.

4. High-efficiency, single-segment string typesetting combination up to 2400 pieces/hour.

5 welding debris rate <2 ‰.

6. Compatible with 2-5 grid, less than 2 hours for grid change.

7. Multi-functional human-machine interface, complete functions and simple operation.

Why solar cell stringer

Solar cell string welding machine is an important measure to help component manufacturers reduce the number of defective products. Automatic solar cell string welding machine, which uses advanced infrared light welding, to avoid the various problems brought about by the manpower processing, so that production is more standardized and quality is more assured. The whole equipment is simple and easy to operate.

Why use solar cell string welding machine, mainly in the following aspects:

 1. Manual welding first single welding and then string welding, long time, low efficiency

 2. The quality of artificial welding is affected by emotions and affects the consistency of products

 3. A skilled operator needs long-term training. Young people after 80s and 90s are not willing to do manual work.