The advantages and working characteristics of servo mould placing machine

- May 03, 2018-

The outstanding performance advantage of the servo mould placing machine lies in its high work efficiency and greatly improved productivity. The sewing range of the device is usually 1300mm (length)×900mm (width). Under normal circumstances, the servo-placed stencil machine is not only highly efficient, but also stable in quality. The maximum sewing speed can reach 3,000 rpm, which satisfies the user's requirements.


From the perspective of practical applications, the use of servo mould placing machine can simultaneously complete the sewing and cutting process, and accurately cut a variety of clothing fabrics, leather, plastic and so on. In addition, it can quickly and accurately cut a variety of garment fabrics, leather, plastic, etc., wide range of cutting, fast cutting speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, smooth and no burrs,

Cutting graphics can be freely designed by computer. Users can use the automatic template sewing center, sewing and cutting can be done automatically at one time, high efficiency, stable quality.


Servo mould placing machine product advantages:


1, the device has a high level of automation, in the operation process not only simplifies the operating procedures, saving man-hours, but also can reduce labor costs, eliminating the need to manually switch the work of the pattern;


2. The freedom of operation of the servo placement template machine increases, allowing multiple different templates to rotate at the same time, which can save the development cost of the template;


3. Simplify the operating procedures of the operating workers and effectively improve work efficiency.


4. In addition, the storage capacity of the servo placement template machine is also very powerful. Its control board stores more than 250 MB of empty space, and can simultaneously store dry patterns and can be called at any time, without additional time-consuming and labor-intensive management.


Servo mould placing machine operating characteristics:


In practical applications, if necessary, we can connect the servo placement template machine with different CAD software, and computer-aided design and cutting at the same time. Its cutting speed can reach 50 to 600 millimeters per second. The fixed method used is vacuum adsorption. Repeatability is within 0.1mm. Servo placement template machine working environment temperature range is -5-40 degrees Celsius.