The Advantages of Battery String Lining Up Machine

- Mar 27, 2018-

The advantage of the use of battery string lining up machine and manual comparison is that if we calculate the per capita salary of single-line operators (single-welding and string-welding) at 4,000 yuan/month, we can use single-strand welding and string welding of 250 tablets/hour per person. More adequate, with two shifts (10 hours per shift), the fully automatic stringer will cost more than four hundred thousand yuan. After one year, the use of battery stringer equipment will save labor costs. 40 Ten thousand yuan.


As long as the lifespan of the battery stringer is 8 years, it can be realized in only one year and two months. A skilled worker can achieve the operation of three machines, and this time will become a powerful weapon for the "machine substitution" of the photovoltaic industry. And in recent years, the photovoltaic industry has made considerable progress.


We calculated two production methods: full manual and full automation. For component manufacturing, the annual production cost per megawatt shows that since 2011, the cost of the battery stringer has started to fall below that of labor, and the machine has been replaced. It has become a must-do thing.


However, one of the main reasons why early photovoltaic industry manufacturers chose artificial production is that, in terms of concept, people think that photovoltaic product manufacturing does not require sophisticated automation; the next is that in terms of cost, it is indeed more economical for manual operations. However, with the difficulties in recruiting labor and high labor costs, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the photovoltaic industry factory welding and platooning now requires a large amount of labor. The photovoltaic industry urgently needs a machine substitution. At this time, attention should be paid to reducing labor intensity, reducing over-reliance on employee experience, and increasing production efficiency in order to expect enhanced quality controllability.


However, the use of battery string lining up machine is mainly due to its relatively high capacity and relatively low fragmentation rate. Take Guangyuan's 2400 piece/hour string welder as an example, a device's production capacity can reach 3,40 people a day. In addition, with the use of battery string typesetting machine equipment, image quality inspection and image positioning can also be performed, positioning accuracy is high, and the defective rate of the battery string is low.