The Application Value of Automatic Placing Mould Device

- Mar 26, 2018-

When it comes to the application value of the automatic placing mould device, the first point is that it can achieve product homogeneity. Automatic placement of the stencil machine is a semi-automated production method for direct application. When the stencil machine is automatically placed and used, it will also be designed through the design template, layout template process, can make the finished product standardized, stylized and homogenized.


The use of automatic placing mould device can actually increase overall production efficiency by 40%. Through a large number of tests and the comparison of field production plant data with traditional production methods. Some process departments can also directly increase by 80%. After the entire assembly line realizes template production, the minimum, that is, can directly increase the production efficiency by 40%.


The use of automatic placing mould device actually solves the bottleneck problem of high technical requirements for workers. As far as the traditional craftsmanship is concerned, skilled technicians will be required to sewn products with certain qualification rates. However, the use of a stencil machine will allow all workers to directly reach the same level of technology within one working day and produce 100% qualified products.


When this kind of automatic placing mould device is actually used, it can also solve the problem that garment enterprises have long had difficulties in recruiting skilled workers, and later it can also alleviate the shortage of workers in the future. The use of automatic placement of stencil machine equipment can also reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of enterprises. Through stencil design and layout stencil processes, flow operations can be arranged more scientifically and accurately.


In other words, the automatic placement of the stencil machine equipment when used, can make the assembly line more rational, refined, ready, and programmed. Afterwards, automatically placing the stencil machine equipment can also effectively control the production cost and reduce the working pressure of the production personnel. When it is actually used, it can enhance the corporate image and increase the competitive advantage of the enterprise.