The automatic operation and running advantages of the automatic mould placing machine

- Dec 12, 2017-

Automatic mould placing machine can achieve the automatic operation, so that worker can empty hands to put the cut-parts. In general, a machine can save three employees. The automatic mould placing machine simplifies difficult and complex process operations.

Automatic mould placing machine adopts intelligent bilateral automatic feeding device, can modify or increase the automatic mechanical action according to the actual situation, which will make the machine automatic intelligent work, improve the production efficiency. A one-button operation is set so that the machine can work fully automatically whenever the start button is pressed.

Workers can prepare the next process template, completely solving the traditional electronic lockstitch sewing machine and long arm template machine need to be manually implemented, and manually introduced the vehicle line density is not uniform, low working efficiency of the defects, to achieve the standard of automatic modular production units.

The use advantages of the automatic mould placing machine

1. The automatic mould placing machine does not use the guide bar and template. Making a simpler K8 template does not need the guide bar, directly using the cylinder to press the template.

2. The automatic mould placing machine has the functions of point location and drawing, and has the point location before processing for the production of the next working procedure by the up and down dot mark pens, so that the cost of one drawing position worker is saved, and the efficiency is improved.

3. There are 999 kinds of operation panel memory paradigms. It supports U disk data transmission, read and storage.

4. The automatic mould placing machine head dry design, needle bar type of diamond surface treatment is super hard and super smooth, which ensures no oil leakage. The whole equipment operates at high speed, is equipped with LED lamp assembly, and has human-oriented design.