The characteristics and rational design of automatic placement of mold device

- Oct 18, 2018-

The automatic placement of the mold device is mainly composed of a base, a side wall, a sliding guide rail, a sliding body, a connecting body, a motor, a supporting plate, a transmission connecting body and a transmission threaded rod in the process of manufacturing. The automatic placement of the mold device is characterized in that it can adjust the height of the mold placement as needed, so that the mold is more convenient when it is taken and placed, and the tire mold is prevented from tripping over, resulting in mold damage, and the design is reasonable and convenient to use.

The automatic placement mold device is suitable for storage in a machining block such as a mold, and the entire product has a small footprint, a large bearing, a detailed classification, and convenient access. The drawer type slide can be extracted 80%, easy to operate and safe. It is an indispensable maintenance and processing workshop for modern factories.


Automatic placement of the mold device features

1. Safe and reliable: additional positioning safety device, safe to use.

2. Lightweight operation: bearing combination, smooth sliding and independent lifting device.

3. Save the space: The floor space is small, and the standard type of 3*4 grid can store dozens of molds.

4. Simple structure: It is assembled by a variety of combined components for easy loading, unloading, transportation and assembly.