The composition requirements and important functions of PV module automation equipment

- Dec 13, 2018-

Photovoltaic component automation equipment plays an important role in efficient distributed photovoltaic power generation when it is used. The principle of distributed photovoltaic module power generation, photovoltaic cell is a semiconductor device with optical and electrical conversion characteristics, which directly converts solar radiant energy into direct current, which is the most basic unit of photovoltaic power generation. The unique electrical characteristics of photovoltaic cells are based on Crystalline silicon incorporates certain elements (such as phosphorus or boron, etc.) to cause a permanent imbalance in the molecular charge of the material, forming a semiconductor material with special electrical properties.

Free charges can be generated in semiconductors with special electrical properties under sunlight, and these free charges are directionalally moved and accumulated to generate electrical energy when their ends are closed. This phenomenon is called "photovoltaic effect". .

Composition of PV module automation equipment

PV module automation equipment is mainly composed of photovoltaic array, controller, battery pack, DC, AC inverter, etc. The core component of photovoltaic power generation system is photovoltaic component, and photovoltaic component is composed of photovoltaic battery string. Parallel and packaged, the automated photovoltaic production line directly converts the solar light energy into electrical energy, and the electricity generated by the photovoltaic module is direct current. We can use it to convert it into alternating current and use it from another angle. It can be used immediately for the power generated by the photovoltaic system. It can also be stored by an energy storage device such as a battery, and can be released at any time as needed.