The function and layout principle of battery string lining up machine

- Aug 02, 2018-

The solar cell module is the terminal product of the photovoltaic industry chain. It generates direct current under the illumination of light. It has certain anti-corrosion, windproof, anti-mite and rain-proof capabilities. It is widely used in solar lighting, lamps, user power supply, road traffic, construction. And photovoltaic power plants and other fields.


The production process of the battery assembly includes monolithic welding, string welding, lamination, lamination, framing, cleaning, electrical performance testing, and packaging. The battery string typesetting machine is responsible for the lamination of the battery components, that is, the latter process of the battery string welding.


The battery string lining up machin is the following equipment of the automatic string welding machine, which can correspond to 2 high-speed automatic string welding machines; its outer dimensions are 2500mm*4000mm*1400mm; the structure uses 4 servo motors, 2 stepping motors, 6 Speed control motors are used for speed regulation, and the speed can be automatically adjusted according to actual production needs.


The battery string lining up machin quickly and accurately transports the battery string to a designated place after the battery string of different length specifications comes from the pipeline. Generally, after six battery strings are full, the next cycle is entered. Due to the product coming from the pipeline, there will be errors in the position and angle of each line, so the servo motor is required to correct the angle and position each time.