The function of automatic glass up loading machine and its buffer device

- Apr 30, 2019-

The automatic glass up loading machine is an ideal equipment for handling glass, used in glass processing, glass curtain wall, etc. Suitable for handling insulating glass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall, glass deep processing, solar photovoltaic glass, etc. The automatic glass machine can be used for high temperature glass below 300 degrees; it can realize 0-90 degree turning of glass; it can realize 0-180 degree turning of glass; it can realize 0-360 degree turning of glass.


Whether it is an automatic glass machine or other glass-related machinery, most of the cushioning components are required to ensure the safety and integrity of the glass. In addition to the use of the suction cup itself, the suction cup used in the automatic glass machine can also mention the effect of the buffer.


The suction cup is made of rubber. In addition to rubber, foamed polystyrene, EPE, corrugated paper, pulp injection molding and other internal materials, it is environmentally friendly, saves costs, improves production line efficiency and provides the most complete seismic protection. Made of high-tech technology and environmentally friendly materials, the uninflated front bag is completely flat, reducing the huge space occupied during transportation, reducing the loss during transportation, reducing transportation costs, reducing storage costs, and reducing labor costs.