The important role and function of automatic EVA laying machine

- Oct 29, 2018-

Before the solar cell module enters the lamination process, the component glass needs to be first laid with EVA. At present, it is mainly realized by using an automatic EVA laying machine, followed by laying a battery sheet, etc., and finally entering the laminating machine for lamination. In the past, traditional EVA shearing was used, and EVA was applied to component glass, which was highly dependent on manual processing under such processing conditions.


That is to say, when operating traditional equipment, it is generally necessary to carry out the turnover work through three links. First, the EVA is cut off on a manual or electric cutting table, and a piece of EVA stack is manually placed, and then It is transferred to the EVA storage rack of the production line EVA laying station, and the two operators lay the EVA on the component glass. The traditional production process makes production inefficient and workers labor intensive. Factors such as human factors interference, visual differences, and the strength of hand-holding are the key factors affecting product quality. The emergence of automatic EVA laying machines solves these problems.


The automatic EVA laying machine is powerful, and in use the EVA can be automatically laid onto the glass according to the required size. Under normal circumstances, EVA automatic laying accuracy is within ±2mm. Moreover, the EVA is laid flat on the glass, and there is no undesirable phenomenon such as folding and wrinkling.