The main function of the automatic glass up loading machine

- Oct 30, 2018-

The automatic glass up loading machine adopts advanced production technology and technology to realize automatic operation and solve the problems that may occur in manual operation. Moreover, the machine is in operation and the operation process is controlled by the machine program and runs freely. One of the great benefits of using the machine is the ability to reduce production time and production costs.


In fact, the automatic glass loader is an economical machine with a high degree of automation. In use, the button is operated by the button to easily and automatically take the film, and the glass is automatically and smoothly loaded to the required position. The whole machine adopts the centralized control of the fully automatic industrial PLC, and the humanized design and control replaces the manual operation to improve efficiency and safety. Reliable, solves problems such as difficulty in employing people and safety of staff.


The main functions of the automatic glass up loading machine are as follows: 1. Transfer the suction cup to suck the glass and put it on the conveying line; 2. Align with a double photoelectric switch to avoid glass collision protection caused by malfunction; 3. Glass The function of separating the paper into the isolation box; 4, automatic reminder of lack of material (sound and light); 5, the feeding area has a protective grating or safety door; 6, with an ion fan to blow off the glass; 7, can meet different Specification type glass is used.